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Detail - 1

The CoreKitchen™ Principle created by Mary Fisher Knott, states storage should be divided into three layers of a circle.

The Core or center contains items used daily or weekly, Layer two items used monthly, and seldom used or seasonal items in Layer three or the outer layer.

This photo illustrates storage of baking items used monthly (layer two).

Detail – 2 Storing dishes in drawers makes heavy stacks of dinnerware easy to access.  The Elevated dishwasher eliminates stress to the back and neck.  You stand in one place and unload from appliance to drawers.


Detail – 3

Lighting a full height storage cabinet adds a focal point to the space as well as easy access to items being stored.  This cabinet was designed to provide good vision of items stored and good access.

Detail - 4

Fifteen inch deep adjustable shelving provides good storage for a dish pantry.  The sliding doors provide good vision of items stored and the interior lights come on when the doors are opened.

This is one of the most ergonomically sound ways to storage.